Custom Forging

As a metal component supplier, our goal is to achieve excellence in providing customers with custom forging solutions that deliver desirable or essential attributes.  Wherever there is concern for safety and reliability, wherever the ultimate in strength and durability must be achieved, you have a need for the custom forging processes we have mastered

Custom ForgingThe core of Queen City Forging's business is finishing metal component parts:

  • Impression die hammer forgings up to 8 pounds
  • Upset and open end die forgings up to 15 pounds

Materials Forged by Queen City Forging include:

Whether forging steel, aluminum or special alloys, Queen City economically produces finished component parts for OEMs in an extremely broad range of sizes.   With the increased use of special piecing, punching, trimming, shearing and coining operations, we have broadened the range of affordable forging shapes, while improving precision.

Finished metal component parts made my Queen City Forging are used to accommodate the highest loads and stresses for components such as hinges, specialty lifting devices, turbocharger components, relays, fasteners, valves and a wide variety of small forgings for OEMS in a range of industries.

Queen City Forging has developed special expertise for applying medium-sized and small metal forging solutions to manufactured parts used in the following applications:

Work with us to gain confidence that comes with knowing you have selected the ultimate metal working process to produce products that will survive the harshest demands.  Contact us to achieve success in making your product the best in the world.