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Welcome to the Forging Innovations blog by Queen City Forging! We’ve been a leader in the forging industry for over a century, and during that long history we’ve accrued a wealth of knowledge about forging. While the basic principles of the process have remained, we have continued innovating forging technology and techniques to provide solutions for leading manufacturers.

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Introducing Top Forging Innovators

By On Thursday, August 8, 2019 3:02:00 PM
Everybody here is family

Queen City Forging has been a leader among U.S. forging companies for over 100 years.

In a supportive and innovative environment, the staff at QC Forge know how to have fun. Meanwhile, they share a commitment to delivering a quality forge and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Meet the people – and puppy – who make the forging process work at Queen City Forging.

Video Transcription

John:  Well, we're a very small company. We only have about 25 employees. We tend not to have a lot of turnover. People have been here a long time. One of the things that we've relied on for a long time is innovation, and try to do things that we've never done before or things that nobody has ever done before. And I think that's a big part of why we're in business and we've had the success we do.

Ron:  If you don't look for something new and you just hold on to what you've got, you're probably going to fade away. We want to be in a niche market where we're providing the customers something they can't get anywhere else.

Rick:  Rob gets the technology, brings it in to us, we make it work.

Debbie:  Rob is very knowledgeable. It seems like he can read something, and remembers it all.

Paula:  I have never come across anyone who knows more about forging.

Roger:  My boss, Rob, he's been around this since he was a little kid, you know. I believe his father owned this business.

Vina:  Very family oriented, concerned about all of our customers, suppliers, the environment here, Cincinnati itself, very compassionate person.

Paula:  They're just great people to work for.

Debbie:  I mean, they definitely take care of their employees. My husband has been here 40 plus years, so it's done very well for our family.

Paula:  Yeah, it's a family owned business, and it feels like a family.

Thomas:  I lost my son three years ago, and the company closed our doors for everybody in here to go to my son's funeral. Gave me the ... treated me ... made sure that I was taken care of, let me take as much time as I needed before I needed to come back to work. Nothing but respect for Rob, John, Ron, and Mr. Andy.

Paula:  Well, we couldn't do what we do here without people.

Rick:  The employees makes it work.

Ron:  It takes the people out on the shop floor to make a part that a customer is going to want to buy.

Paula:  You can talk about robots and all that good stuff, but we're still going to need people even when the robots take over.

Thomas:  It doesn't matter if you're a guy in the back in the machine shop, or you're one of the people in the office, everybody here is a family.

Rick:  Rob, Ron, and John treat their employees like family.

John:  Maybe a rowdy family.

Thomas:  No, we beat up on each other here every day, but it's all in fun.

Roger:  I work with a lot of great people.

Thomas:  I mean, you know that if you need a hand, someone here is going to pick you back up.

Jeff:  A pretty good group of guys.

John:  We like to have a good time, but it's important that the work gets done, and gets done properly.

Thomas:  We make sure that whatever the customer's demand is, we take care of it.

John:  Quality is top importance here, as well as on time delivery for our customers.

Jeff:  I just think quality is the number one aspect. If you’ve got a happy customer, then they come back.

Rick:  Whatever it takes, we get the job done.

Jeff:  And it seems like we do pretty good on that, I think. But that's my opinion.

John:  You know, it used to be I was the young guy, and now I'm the old guy!

Ron:  I've been here since 1973.

Paula:  I have been here over 30 years.

Ron:  I grew up right down the street.

Roger:  I've been here for 12 years.

Rick:  28 years.

Jeff:  13 years.

Debbie:  14 years.

Vina:  I've been here for eight years now, and I have no intentions of moving on. I'll be a lifer, I guess.

Rick:  I plan on retiring from here, either walking out on my own or carry me out on a stretcher.

Thomas:  I've never seen a company that cares so much about their employees.

Rob:  If it weren't for the team that we have here, I wouldn't be able to do the kinds of things that I can do all the time to push innovation in this business. That's really all I want to say.




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