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Video Transcription

At Queen City Forging, we bring a long track record of experience to the enduring forging process, and yet we also bring surprising innovation for solving today’s most challenging applications, where components must perform reliably under high loads and stresses, in the harshest environments. I’d like to take a moment to show you how QC Forge has built a reputation in the industry with pioneering solutions to forging components that are inherently resistant to impact and fatigue, parts that cannot fail in the most demanding mechanical applications, but maintain exceptional machining tolerances in cost competitive production environments.

Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, Queen City Forging combines unparalleled forging process expertise with cutting edge research and innovative thinking. This has led to the development of solutions to many challenging and unique manufacturing applications. Whether managing a complex supply-chain, or researching special material properties, we match the right equipment and metallurgy to make your parts as tough and durable as only the forging process can.

Here are a few examples of how the QC Forge team has solved problems for several leading manufacturers.

When a turbocharger OEM asked Turbocam International for a more durable impeller to help extend the warranty on their product, several alternatives to aluminum casting were explored. Turbocam ultimately turned to QC Forge, as we use computational modeling with our patented rapid infrared heating process, to forge a durable, heat-resistant aluminum alloy. This gave the impellers superior toughness and uniformity, while improving forging process productivity. With material properties that allowed replacement of aerospace-grade titanium impellers, Turbocam was then able to help their customer meet warranty and cost objectives.

“Queen City Forge is very proactive with reviewing the design, creating model analysis, simulating the forging process, creating stress and strains, and also showing but their expectations of the microstructure within the forging would be, after the product’s been forged. This enables us to stay ahead of the curve with design. They gave us more than what we’ve ever expected of any of our suppliers.” – David Champy, Senior Project Manager at Turbocam

When manufacturers of rail transportation signaling systems needed a cost-effective way to improve the reliable performance of electromechanical relay components, we were able to provide the right answer at Queen City Forging. Our team perfected a complex forging and manufacturing process to improve silicon iron metallurgy. This produced highly consistent magnetic material properties, enhancing both productivity on the assembly line, and reliable performance in field operations. Through innovative processing and continuous management of a complex supply chain, we provided a cost-competitive solution that has helped to assure the critical safety of rail passengers around the world.

Queen City Forging has also provided pioneering solutions in support of advanced electric motor development for the emerging electric vehicles market. When a critical electric motor end cap was needed, we partnered with the automotive manufacturer to develop a high-density, high-purity copper forging process that provided the perfect combination of strength, conductivity, and production cost.

By mastering processes that create the most durable parts in industry, and partnering with leading manufacturers to solve their biggest challenges, Queen City Forging delivers manufacturing solutions forged by innovation.