Aluminum is not only a lightweight and affordable non-ferrous metal, but it is also well-suited to a number of forging techniques and applications. That’s why Queen City Forging offers a depth of skill and experience in the aluminum forging process, with a proven record of delivering world-class results in the forging of aluminum and other non-ferrous materials.

Whether using a hammer or press along with our patented rapid infrared heating process, QCF customers benefit from our expertise in aluminum forging, design considerations, tooling, forging techniques, and secondary services. The alloy aluminum and non-ferrous parts we produce are forged to critical specifications for net-shape and pre-machined tolerances.

Aluminum Forging

You’ll find our aluminum forgings being used in critical diesel truck and off-highway vehicle/construction equipment parts, small aerospace components, and many other OEM component applications up to 8 lbs. Queen City Forging is also experienced in forging parts in other non-ferrous metals such as copper and brass forgings.

Rapid Infrared Aluminum Hot Forging

We have developed an award-winning process for aluminum hot forging that uses rapid infrared heating to give aluminum enhanced physical properties such as improved fatigue life, fine grain microstructure, and faster response to heat treatment. Queen City Forging uses IR heating technology to reduce energy consumption and lower energy costs up to 50%.

Secondary Operations

QC Forging performs a number of secondary operations beyond the aluminum forging process. We provide milling and machining operations, as well as punching, drilling, bending, swaging, coining, tapping, and threading. We have also formed working partnerships with outside suppliers, allowing us to provide finished parts to customer assembly operations.

Quality Assurance

Our ISO 9001-certified quality management system guides us through every step of our aluminum forging process. We provide operator inspection at each level of production, with a final inspection prior to shipping to ensure that all customer specifications are met.

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