Tool and Die, Precision Tooling, New Tooling, and adapting old toolingTool and die, precision tooling, new tooling, and adaption of old tooling for your impression die forging applications

Our engineers use CAD/CAM to support the design of your component parts, and utilize in-house tool and die capabilities to support a wide range of impression die forgings and manufacturing processes. This includes Electrical Discharge Machining for production of precision tooling from EDM electrodes that are made in our shop.

Our techniques include process modeling and simulation, not only to provide confidence that the tool design provides defect free shaping, but also to predict the deformation process required for optimum metallurgical results. Guided by modeling and proven in tests of resulting forged product, we have provided customers with competitive advantages, allowing them to make performance guarantees unmatched by their peers.

Creating new tooling or adapting old forging tools to our production capabilities is an essential first step in meeting the tool and die requirements for setting up your job.