High-Density Copper With Maximum Durability And Conductivity:

High-Density Copper with Maximum Durability and Conductivity

At Queen City Forging, we have unique experience in forging copper alloys. Forged copper alloys are ideal for applications where high electrical and thermal conductivity is desirable. There are many durability benefits to using copper forgings that come from closed-die forming. This includes the optimization of microstructural characteristics of copper by applying a range of forging temperatures and annealing cycles that improve structural properties.

Our unique expertise in copper forging and metallurgy allows us to deliver the perfect combination of production efficiency and end-use performance at a competitive cost.

Copper Forgings For All-Electric Vehicle Motor Components:

When a leading manufacturer in the emerging market of electric vehicles required advanced electric motor prototype components, they needed a partner who could deliver the best results. Queen City Forging provided the best option for manufacturing a high-purity copper motor end cap that combined the necessary dimensionality, metallurgy, cost efficiency, and production throughput. QCF’s process expertise really paid off for the automotive company by delivering a manufacturing process that also improved the end cap’s electrical conductivity.

Request our white paper (above) to get the full details about how QC Forge improved part reliability, durability and conductivity in copper for a leading electric car manufacturer.

Cooper Forgings for All-Electric Vehicle Motor Components

Antimicrobial Copper Forging In Healthcare:

Antimicrobial Copper Forging Solutions for Healthcare

It is well known that copper has antimicrobial properties, and “Group 1” alloys containing 96.2% copper are now registered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as antimicrobial agents. Antimicrobial copper forgings are ideal for many healthcare “high-touch” products due to their superior metallurgy, durability, leak resistance, and low overall production costs.

Queen City Forging is highly experienced in forging a wide range of copper and brass alloys for a number of applications. We provide a unique understanding of copper metallurgy that has led to process innovations for forging high-density and high-strength copper components.

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