Manufacturing Process Development

Because QC Forging offers unparalleled forging experience and capabilities, we excel in working with customers who are looking for manufacturing process solutions in the product design stage.

Our forging and metallurgy experts will work with you engineering team to transition CAD designs into optimized tooling, and to create a fully integrated manufacturing solution from prototype to production.

Other Value Added Services

Our techniques include process modeling and simulation, not only to provide confidence that tool design provides defect free shaping, but to predict the deformation process required for optimum metallurgical results.

Guided by modeling and proven in tests of resulting forged product, we have provided customers with competitive advantage, allowing them to make performance guarantees unmatched by their peers.

Short Run Production

As a contract manufacturer providing closed die forging, upset forging, impact hammer forging, press forging and powder metal compact forging, we can produce pilot production and short run quantities of unique items for the production and service requirements of our customers. We strive to provide exemplary service for the inevitable “RUSH” jobs that arise.

Program Management

For our customers requiring larger quantities with ongoing production schedules, we have several different types of JIT programs in place, including stocking programs of both raw material and finished parts. We stock raw material for special alloy, ferrous and non-ferrous forgings, finished parts, and tooling at no charge for most customers. We also accept customer-furnished raw material for forging conversion, when appropriate.

Supply Chain Management

Our IT systems have been networked since 1985, and we have established a broad partner network with complementary manufacturers, metal suppliers and subcontractors. This allows us to provide supply chain management services as an added value for our customers.

Our knowledge of the forging industry and contacts, not only in the U.S., but also elsewhere in the world, allow us to offer a unique service. If we do not have the capacity or capability to produce or provide the item you require, we probably know who can!

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