High Durability And Performance For Electromechanical Device Parts Manufacturing:

At Queen City Forging, we have unique experience in forging components with the special magnetic and conductive properties needed for manufacturing electromechanical relays, switches, actuators and motors used in industrial and transportation applications. Our breadth of forging knowledge provides the right manufacturing processes and metallurgical expertise for improving the reliability and performance of ferrous materials used in a range of electromechanical product applications. Read on to learn how QCF has addressed EM part manufacturing challenges like yours .

Manufacturing Electrical Steels

Silicon Iron Forgings For Rail Relay Components:

Silicon Iron Forgings for Rail Relay Components

We’ve helped leading manufacturers of rail signaling systems improve the reliability and long-term performance of many critical electromechanical relay components. Our expertise in ferrous material metallurgies has allowed us to develop specialty forging processes for achieving low magnetic remanence, resistance to aging and control of “stack tolerance”, which have improved the performance of relay systems that are critical to overall rail traffic safety.

Request our white paper (above) to get the full details about how QC Forge improved part reliability, performance and productivity for a leading global manufacturer of rail relay systems.

Thermomagnetic Processing Research:

QC Forge has been active in a number of research projects, working in public and private partnerships, developing advanced processes related to forging and secondary operations. One such project involved our participation with Oak Ridge National Labs and three other U.S. manufacturers. This research involved the use of superconducting magnets for thermal processing of ferrous and aluminum alloys.

Read our blog post about this unique research project . . .

Innovating Aluminum Thermal Processing with Superconducting Magnetics

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