Queen City Forging has a proven reputation for delivering high quality and cost effective forgings in a variety of sizes and quantities. Our area of expertise includes impression die hammer and press forgings up to 10 pounds, as well as upset and open end die forgings up to 15 pounds.

Over the years, we have developed exceptional expertise in forging steel, spanning a variety of ferrous materials and applications that include HSLA forgings, stainless steel forgings, alloy steel forgings, high carbon steel forgings, and high temp and refractory metal forgings. Forging steel components for severe service applications is our specialty; whether producing small steel forgings for off-highway vehicles, railroad signal relays, construction and agricultural equipment, or aerospace components in high temperature alloys.

Custom Steel Forging

Secondary Operations

QCF provides a number of secondary operations for complementing and finishing parts made by forging steel. We provide internal machining capabilities, as well as punching, drilling, bending, swaging, coining, tapping and threading. We have also formed working partnerships with outside suppliers allowing us to provide finished parts to customer assembly operations.

Forging Steel

Quality Assurance

Queen City Forging’s ISO 9001:2015 quality management system is implemented at every step of the custom steel forging process. We provide operator inspection at each level of production, with a final inspection prior to shipping to ensure that all customer specifications are met.

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