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Queen City Forging has the expertise to create durable, cost-effective, and high quality turbocharger components. Our forging process generates reliable products with enhanced metallurgical properties. This results in a longer service life, enhanced critical structural fatigue properties, and other benefits of a quality forge.

See an example of QC Forge forging solutions in aluminum turbocharger impellers in the case study below, or request a quote for your turbocharger component today.

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The Problem:

While aluminum castings are regularly a fast and inexpensive project, repeated part failure prompted a global turbocharger OEM to make a change. They needed a solution that improved the durability and extended the service life of their components.

Together, the turbocharger component suppliers partnered to explore the following alternatives to aluminum casting:

  • Machining from solid (MFS) extruded bar stock
  • “Open die” forging techniques to reorient microstructures through the process of “upsetting”

In the end, none of these options could produce a quality turbocharger impeller that was both durable and cost effective. The supplier turned to Queen City Forging for answers.

The Solution:

Our expertise in the forging process created a near net shape product with enhanced metallurgical properties. No other manufacturing method could create such a reliable product that delivered exactly what these suppliers required.

The forged turbocharger impellers we produced showed:

  • Directed strain energy to target micro structure transformation
  • Enhanced critical structural fatigue properties
  • Increased service life
  • Upgraded metallurgical properties through rapid, uniform heating
  • Improved process uniformity and throughput
  • Conserved material usage
Turbo Charger Impeller

The Results:

Forging Turbo Charger Impeller

Our innovative process delivered cost-effective aluminum impellers with several important benefits including:

  • Enhanced durability
  • Replacement for cast impellers to meet improved warranty goals
  • Revamp turbo models without titanium
  • Elimination of time-consuming bench work

Working with the supplier, we were able to create a superior product, while maintaining cost and volume requirements. Best of all, this allowed the turbocharger OEM to realize the strategic goal of extending their product warranty and retaining their reputation as the market leader.

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