Queen City Forging has been a leader among U.S. forging companies for over 100 years.

In a supportive and innovative environment, the staff at QC Forge know how to have fun. Meanwhile, they share a commitment to delivering a quality forge and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Meet the people – and puppy – who make the forging process work at Queen City Forging.

Video Transcription

John:  Well, we’re a very small company. We only have about 25 employees. We tend not to have a lot of turnover. People have been here a long time. One of the things that we’ve relied on for a long time is innovation, and try to do things that we’ve never done before or things that nobody has ever done before. And I think that’s a big part of why we’re in business and we’ve had the success we do.

Ron:  If you don’t look for something new and you just hold on to what you’ve got, you’re probably going to fade away. We want to be in a niche market where we’re providing the customers something they can’t get anywhere else.

Rick:  Rob gets the technology, brings it in to us, we make it work.

Debbie:  Rob is very knowledgeable. It seems like he can read something, and remembers it all.

Paula:  I have never come across anyone who knows more about forging.

Roger:  My boss, Rob, he’s been around this since he was a little kid, you know. I believe his father owned this business.

Vina:  Very family oriented, concerned about all of our customers, suppliers, the environment here, Cincinnati itself, very compassionate person.

Paula:  They’re just great people to work for.

Debbie:  I mean, they definitely take care of their employees. My husband has been here 40 plus years, so it’s done very well for our family.

Paula:  Yeah, it’s a family owned business, and it feels like a family.

Thomas:  I lost my son three years ago, and the company closed our doors for everybody in here to go to my son’s funeral. Gave me the … treated me … made sure that I was taken care of, let me take as much time as I needed before I needed to come back to work. Nothing but respect for Rob, John, Ron, and Mr. Andy.

Paula:  Well, we couldn’t do what we do here without people.

Rick:  The employees makes it work.

Ron:  It takes the people out on the shop floor to make a part that a customer is going to want to buy.

Paula:  You can talk about robots and all that good stuff, but we’re still going to need people even when the robots take over.

Thomas:  It doesn’t matter if you’re a guy in the back in the machine shop, or you’re one of the people in the office, everybody here is a family.

Rick:  Rob, Ron, and John treat their employees like family.

John:  Maybe a rowdy family.

Thomas:  No, we beat up on each other here every day, but it’s all in fun.

Roger:  I work with a lot of great people.

Thomas:  I mean, you know that if you need a hand, someone here is going to pick you back up.

Jeff:  A pretty good group of guys.

John:  We like to have a good time, but it’s important that the work gets done, and gets done properly.

Thomas:  We make sure that whatever the customer’s demand is, we take care of it.

John:  Quality is top importance here, as well as on time delivery for our customers.

Jeff:  I just think quality is the number one aspect. If you’ve got a happy customer, then they come back.

Rick:  Whatever it takes, we get the job done.

Jeff:  And it seems like we do pretty good on that, I think. But that’s my opinion.

John:  You know, it used to be I was the young guy, and now I’m the old guy!

Ron:  I’ve been here since 1973.

Paula:  I have been here over 30 years.

Ron:  I grew up right down the street.

Roger:  I’ve been here for 12 years.

Rick:  28 years.

Jeff:  13 years.

Debbie:  14 years.

Vina:  I’ve been here for eight years now, and I have no intentions of moving on. I’ll be a lifer, I guess.

Rick:  I plan on retiring from here, either walking out on my own or carry me out on a stretcher.

Thomas:  I’ve never seen a company that cares so much about their employees.

Rob:  If it weren’t for the team that we have here, I wouldn’t be able to do the kinds of things that I can do all the time to push innovation in this business. That’s really all I want to say.