Many companies are impacted by the pandemic and supply chain disruption.  Faced with delays, unknowns, and increased costs from their overseas suppliers, Reshoring has become a viable option.

Many businesses who offshore their manufacturing are considering reshoring.  The COVID-19 Pandemic and unknown political climate has disrupted oversea supply chains.  Delayed deliveries have threatened ongoing production for business.  With increased unknowns and uncertainties in the supply chain, the ability to deliver quality products is at risk.


Reasons to Reshore

  • There is a need for guaranteed quality and delivery.
  • New tariffs and unknown future tariffs diminishing profits.
  • The immediate need for a new supplier to get products delivered.
  • Shipping delays, costs, and dilemmas.
  • The assurance of a domestic source of supply.

Many oversea brokers will start with your product design and specifications, however, as they outsource, change suppliers, and modify processes, the outcome produces an inferior product.  Confidential designs become uncontrolled, allowing the possibilities for unexpected competition of inferior products.  It may save you money today but cost you in the long run by damaging your brand with defective components or new competition.

Time to Reshore

Reshoring will provide you with superior quality control and consistency of your product.  While helping the US Economy, you will be reducing delivery time and distribution cost.  Your domestic supplier eliminates language and time barriers.   The ability to easily perform on-site visits with your domestic supplier enables first-hand knowledge and close control of your product and manufacturing process.

A drawing is worth a thousand words, a sample is worth a million! 

Reshoring - Made in the USAWhen reshoring, you will want to provide your US based supplier with samples and drawings of your product.  The effort to re-engineer your product may not be necessary, building on the existing information, although it may be required to achieve the desired outcome.  By doing this investigation, many organizations have discovered that they are not receiving the materials or products that meet their requirements.  Some things we will look at are:

  • Drawings:  Does the drawing include specifications applicable to production in the US?  Are all the requirements included in the drawing notes?
  • Material Specification:  Is the material specified commonly available in the US?  Is it the most effective to meet your requirements?
  • Forging:  Are you paying for a forging, but really been getting a casting or something else?
  • Process:  What other secondary operations are required?
  • Quality:  To meet quality standards of your product, does it need to be reengineered, redesigned, and retooled?

When starting a new project, QCForge will provide design rationalization; collaborating through the design process, to ensure all your requirements are fulfilled to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Many companies do not have in-house design and metallurgist expertise, so you can take advantage of QC Forge’s Designers and Engineers to look at the entire process to support your design efforts, not just the part.  Contact us today for a free consultation.